We are very glad to have you to the 1st WC FSR-O/H+V – FSR-WORLD in Dessau-Roßlau

We try to do our best that all of you have a pleasant time and good races.

The entry for all Campers is from Friday, 25th of July not before 8 AM.

The time schedule is ready and will be on the website


We will have organized training at the lake site.

As we announced we will race pretty similar to the Naviga Rules but there will be some differences

as follow:

No radio check at the registration anymore.

The boat must be ensemble ready to race and the transponder must be in function because we will do a transponder check for each boat. If the transponder do not work during the race there will be no counting. So, please make sure that all transponders with the right numbers you have entered are in the boat and working.

Rules FSR-H

After a lot of discussions and talking we decided to change the lap penalty in FSR-H. There is no hardware or software system that can work out one or more lap penalty and also we will have a much better and safer driving because nobody is afraid of missing a buoy because the one lap penalty is destroying his heat. So we will change it.

If a driver miss 1 buoy he will get 50 points less on his score. If he missed 2 buoys it will be 2times 50 points deduction and so on…..

If a driver miss a buoy to take advantage in passing another boat there will be 100 points deduction.

The lap counting will close the race after 6 laps running and no driver must run more than

6 laps.

We want to try this system at the WC and can discuss on the meeting where we go from there.

Rules FSR-O

We will have 4 heats of qualifications 8 minutes long. The best 3 will be count together and give the result for the finals.

Rules FSR-V

We will definitely protect the rescue boat and their drivers. So if you don’t idle down close to the rescue boat you will get Stop and Go, lap deductions or red card. If somebody passing the rescue boat to close he can also get a red card, not only for touch the boat. The judges take that very serious and strict.

We would like to mention it once here and than hopefully never have to talk about it again:

We are race for fun and to be sportive as the most important thing. If any driver is not respectful, rude or yell at the judges he will be get a red card for the complete WC !

The judges are working very hard and voluntary and they try to do their best ! So, please be nice and respectful because NO JUDGES – NO RACES !

The judges for the 1st WC FSR-WORLD are as follow :


Chief Judge – Taylor Vince (Great Britain)

FSR-O Judge Pontoon – Pulvermüller Peter (Germany)

FSR-H Judge Pontoon – Taylor Vince (Great Britain)

FSR-V Judge Pontoon – Föll Matthias (Germany


Other Judges as follow :

Chernenko Anton (Russia) – Jankowsky Hartmut (Germany) – Looks Ralf (Germany) –

Möller Marcus (Germany) – Scholl Lutz-Rainer (Germany) – Zotter Alexander (Germany)

If there is somebody who want to work and help as a Judge please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Lap – counting

The lap counting will be organized and run by Armin Hauck, Lubomir Szabados, Veit Stefan and different people from the STAFF Germany. Also Norway  will bring  a lap counting System and a helping hand from Thor Nielsen.

Wish all guests and participant a good and safe trip to Dessau .

Jörg Banaszak


Peter Pulvermüller

FSR-Deutschland e.V.